The Rest of California

Historical Role of Fire in California

Part 1  Introduction Mention California wildfires to most people and you'll see looks of sorrow, comments about how devastating they can be and usually a reaction of "put them out quickly".  And there certainly have been an uptick in wildfires, particularly extreme...

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Fires in California Preview

Sneak peak at upcoming posts!  Yes I have been very behind in writing.  Between holidays and other events I have been waylaid a bit. But I have been working on a several part series behind the scenes.  Today I went on a tour organized by the California Rangeland...

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Stephanie, Dave and #3

I was riding this train this summer when I first seriously considered writing this blog.  For years I'd smiled when people asked me if I knew movie stars when I said I was from California.  I did, but not the kind most people think.  Not all movie stars are blonde,...

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Back in Time!

This weekend I'll be doing the first of my interviews!  This one will be special to me me, both for the people I'll be meeting, but also the location is near and dear to my heart.  I was riding this train this summer when I first started thinking of starting this...

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Welcome to my new blog!

I've always been amused by how people imagine Californians.  And California itself.  How do you imagine a typical Californian? If you'd like to help me out please take this short Californians Quiz - it'll only take a few minutes. In the upcoming months (years?) I'm...

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