I’ve always been amused by how people imagine Californians.  And California itself.  How do you imagine a typical Californian? If you’d like to help me out please take this short Californians Quiz – it’ll only take a few minutes.

In the upcoming months (years?) I’m going to explore the stereotypes – and blow them out of the water.  Traveling around the state with my camera I’ll be visiting unique places and interviewing the wide range of folks that live in this state.  Come along and ride with me!

If you live in California and don’t think you fit the stereotype please get in touch with me – I’d love to interview and photograph you for this!  Likewise if you know of a unique location feel free to suggest that as well – I have a list made up already, but I’m always willing to add to it.

All responses are anonymous, I won’t even see your name, although I will likely use the statistics and responses in posts.