The Rest of California

Splitting Wood and the Environment

I heat my home with a wood stove. Gasp! I'm sure many are cursing me as they read this. I do so for a number of reasons - financial, safety, and environmental. First a bit of background. I live in the mountains, in a rural area, I get snow regularly, and...

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Happy Birthday National Parks!

The Rest of California has a new home - appropriately   The posts, comments and images have been moved over, there's just a few little things to tidy up.  But it's essentially as it was before, and ready for more stories!  If you find...

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California’s Vernal Pools

One of the many beautiful types of habit in California are it's Vernal Pools.  The pools are also one of the most fragile and ephemeral.  Found mainly in the Central Valley and lower foothills ringing the valley they explode in the spring with a rainbow of color....

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